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Stephanie B.

To put it simply, Nitartha Institute changed my life. I did not realize how much until recently. The program has been invaluable

Stephanie B.2021-05-06T14:15:41-07:00

Diane L.

My experience at Shedra is that the faculty are kind, caring and consider my learning and me. When I was younger than

Diane L.2021-05-06T14:14:38-07:00

Lily L. L. H.

The root of the twelve Nidānas is ignorance. To be liberated is to be free from ignorance through studying, contemplating and practicing

Lily L. L. H.2021-03-11T19:21:16-08:00

David P.

I have found Nitartha to be an amazing and unique experience. If you are at all attracted to the philosophy of Tibetan

David P.2021-03-11T19:20:53-08:00

Celso W.

Initially I attended Nitartha in 2011 as a Naropa student and have subsequently attended in 2012, 2014 and 2016 in the Tibetan

Celso W.2021-03-11T19:20:32-08:00

Doug E.

I attended Nitartha Institute in the summer of 2016 for Mind and Its World 1 (taught by Stephanie and Scott) and 2

Doug E.2021-03-11T19:19:25-08:00

Charles W.

This was my sixth year returning to Nitartha Summer Institute. Even though when I sometimes examine the parts, they seem chaotic and

Charles W.2021-05-06T14:12:28-07:00

A. Wells

This new campus is a real move up for NI. The beautiful environment with sweeping lawns bordered by flowers and shrubs lovingly

A. Wells2021-03-11T19:18:34-08:00

Birgit and Jim S.

We would most definitely strongly recommend to others to participate in the Nitartha Summer Institute. Especially because of the days’ mix of

Birgit and Jim S.2021-03-11T19:18:10-08:00

K. E.

It seemed an unbelievable and perfect dream to me! Have no complaint about a single thing, only praise for the venue, the

K. E.2021-05-06T14:13:11-07:00
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