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Yves R.

Nitartha was run beautifully, and the University was wonderful. Your staff did such a great and incredible job!

Yves R.2021-03-11T19:17:05-08:00

Nadine S.

This may have been the best experience I’ve had in my five years of attending the Nitartha summer session — coming from

Nadine S.2021-03-11T19:17:20-08:00

Deborah H.

I was very pleased and impressed with the professional and caring atmosphere created by the excellent teachers and devoted volunteers. A big

Deborah H.2021-03-11T19:16:09-08:00

Laura H.

I was new to this sangha and to the patterns of the silent Mahamudra retreat. To my surprise and delight along with

Laura H.2021-05-06T14:15:13-07:00

Josh T.

I financially support Nitartha for a number of reasons. Nitartha produces translations of priceless treasures of Buddhist wisdom, bringing these masterworks to

Josh T.2021-03-11T19:12:38-08:00


Nitartha Institute is a globally unique project focused on conveying Dharma into the west society on a profound level. Carrying decades’ long


David M.

After completing the Nalandabodhi Buddhist study curriculum, I wanted to go deeper and further in my studies. The Nitartha Institute presented an

David M.2021-03-11T19:10:59-08:00

Kate N.

I donate what I can to Nitartha because the teaching material is rich with wisdom and empowers you to work through life’s

Kate N.2021-03-11T19:09:02-08:00

Andreas F.

Since I came to Nitartha Summer Institute for the first time in 2014 Nitartha has become like a second home for me.

Andreas F.2021-03-11T19:11:23-08:00

Rebecca W.

Nitartha was eye-opening and practice shaping. I went for the first time this summer and hope to return next summer as well.

Rebecca W.2021-03-11T19:11:41-08:00
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