July 7 – July 15

Register for Session 1 to attend
the first session of:

  • Treatise on the Distinction between Consciousness and Wisdom
  • One Mahamudra course for qualified students
  • Onsite enhancement activities
  • Community Meditation

Each shedra level and the Tibetan language courses continue through August 4. All three sessions of these courses are included when you register for Session 1. You do not need to register for Session 2 or Session 3 to continue with these courses.

Tuition: $450

Early Bird Tuition: $400

July 7 – July 15
July 17 – July 25

Add Session 2 if you would like to continue with these courses:

  • Treatise on the Distinction between Consciousness and Wisdom
  • Your Session 1 Mahamudra course, if applicable
  • Onsite enhancement activities
  • Community Meditation

This price includes both Sessions 1 and 2. Since the courses start in Session 1 and continue in Session 2, it is not possible to begin with Session 2. Nevertheless, you can start with Session 1 online and then attend Session 2 on site or online.

Tuition: $900

Early Bird Tuition: $800

July 27 – August 4

Register for Session 3 to attend the onsite Silent Mahamudra Retreat

The Session 3 Silent Mahamudra retreat will be led by Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen. This is a precious opportunity to deepen our meditation practice under the guidance of a renowned master. Join us on site and allow your mind to settle.

If you are not attending any other Mahamudra course at this year’s Summer Institute and you have not taken a Mahamudra course previously at Nitartha, submission of the eligibility application form is required (available when registration opens mid -March).

Tuition: $350

Early Bird Tuition: $300


Payment is required at the time of online registration. .

Tuition for academic credit students: $1,850 for 3 sessions.

Nitartha Institute offers the possiblity of a payment plan and/or financial assistance (PPFA program).
This aid is supported through funding by fellow students to help those who
would not be able to attend Nitartha’s courses without assistance.
To request aid, please fill out the PPFA application before you register for the Summer Institute.