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Learn Online

Nitartha Summer Institute Online Classes

Can’t attend Nitartha Summer Institute in person? Online learning and live webcasts of some classes will be available.

Live webcasts during the Summer Institute

Currently the following classes are scheduled to be offered as a webcast during the summer:

  • Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s teachings on Distinguishing the Views and Philosophies: A Lamp of Essential Points by Bötrül (part II)
  • Mind & Its World, taught by Dr. Phil Stanley & Jirka Hladis
  • Madhyamaka Philosophical Tradition: Not Even a Middle, taught by Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl & Stuart Horn
  • Mahāyānasūtrālamkāra: Ornament of the Great Vehicle Sutras, taught by Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl
  • Mahamudra Level 1 (Shamatha) and Level 2 (Vipashyana)  – only for students who attend at least 1 session at the Summer Institute in person

Live Webcasts 2019

Distinguishing the Views and Philosophies by Bötrül (Part II)

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

In 2019, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche will continue to teach on Bötrül’s masterful text Distinguishing the Views and Philosophies. This treatise is a comprehensive presentation of the distinctive qualities of the Nyingma view in comparison to the other major schools and reveals the meaning of Lama Mipham’s view of Dzogchen expressed in his famous Beacon of Certainty.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche says about this text: “This text is extremely important if you want to understand the unique positions of the Nyingma school. It’s needless to say that this text is important to those who belong to the Nyingma school, but those who don’t will still benefit from understanding what the positions are. In terms of what is the correct view and incorrect view, this text is also important. It’s been really wonderful because for a long time we’ve had this wish and desire to present the unique view and unique philosophical assertions of the Nyingma tradition and so this year I’ve had this chance to present a bit here through Botrul’s text and the Guhyagarbha Tantra.

This course is open to all and will be offered as a live-streaming (live webcast: 10:50 am-12:10 noon PST every other day) and as recorded audio files in Moodle, so that you can listen at your convenience.

Session 1: 5–13 July 2019
Session 2: July 15 – July 23

Course Number: BUD 797

Registration opening soon

Mind & Its World

Dr. Phil Stanley & Jirka Hladis

This course explores the criteria of valid cognition based on the teachings of the Pramāna tradition, or Buddhist epistemology. We will analyze our consciousness and determine to what degree it is in agreement with its observed object or not; what the difference is between non-mistaken, non-deceiving, conceptual and non-conceptual types of awareness. Practically speaking, this also provides the practitioner with the tools for delineating conceptual and nonconceptual types of mind in meditation.
The course also presents a detailed treatment of objects in the form of definitions, examples, equivalents and classifications drawn from Collected Topics, the introductory textbook of the Abhidharma or Buddhist phenomenology. Furthermore, we will explore the modes of engagement of mind and investigate mind in terms of the mental events that describe specific functional aspects of mind, as well as determine its virtuous or afflicted states, in order to cultivate the former and relinquish the latter.

This course is linked with Mahamudra teachings of Level 1 and encompasses three main topics: valid cognition, modes of engagement, and mental factors, each topic will be covered in one session.

This course is open to all and will be offered as a live-streaming course (live webcast: 9:10-10:30am PST every day) with recorded audio files in Moodle (Nitartha’s online campus), so that you can listen at your convenience.

Session 1: 5–13 July
Session 2: 15–23 July
Session 3: 25 July –2 August

Course Number: BUD501/510

Registration opening soon
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