How do I order the required books?

Ordering texts: Please allow plenty of time for ordering your texts: approximately 4 weeks for orders outside the United States, 1 week

How do I order the required books?2021-05-05T16:42:38-07:00

What is the schedule like?

The 2021 Online Summer Institute will begin in the morning (Pacific Time) with a meditation session, followed by a teaching by Dzogchen

What is the schedule like?2021-06-01T11:27:57-07:00

What is the payment and refund policy?

All payments are made in full when registering for the Summer Institute unless a PPFA (Payment Plan/Financial Assistance) is approved (see below). Participants

What is the payment and refund policy?2021-05-05T16:41:15-07:00

Are meditation sessions a requirement?

As the Buddha taught, meditation and study support each other. Philosophy greatly helps our meditation experience, and our personal experience with meditation

Are meditation sessions a requirement?2021-03-11T17:55:12-08:00
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