Nitartha Summer Institute Open House Saturday, July 14, 2018

Curious about the Summer Institute? Come check out our programs for one day!

On Saturday, July 14th, 2018 we are offering an Open House at the Summer Institute on the Western Washington University campus in Bellingham, WA. On this day you are welcome to attend any of the classes. You can mix and match classes in Buddhist Studies, Meditation, Thangka Painting, Mudra Space Awareness and Tibetan, as well as attend teachings by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche!

Update: Unfortunately Thangka Painter RD Salga will not be able to come to Nitartha this summer. Therefore the original Thangka Painting classes with him had to be cancelled. As an alternative, we would like to invite you to attend our daily “The Art and Symbolism of the Awakened Heart” class at 2 pm.

You are also warmly invited to join us for a lunch as a guest of Nitartha and stay for a Social Gathering in the evening!


Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, about 90 minutes north of Seattle. For directions to Fairhaven College, home of Nitartha Summer Institute 2018, click here. If you come by car, please use the C Lot. Parking is free on the weekends.


Saturday, July 14, 2018, starting at 8:00 am.
(If you are planning to attend the morning meditation led by Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen, please arrive no later than 7:50 am.)


For planning purposes, we kindly ask that you let us know if you are coming. Register Now and Reserve Your Free Spot!


Email us at or call 720-310-0422.

Open House Schedule

Here is the schedule for Saturday, July 14th, 2018. You are welcome to attend the full day or just part.

Analytical Meditation with Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen
Lunch with students and faculty
Gomdra Mahamudra Meditation with Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen
or The Art and Symbolism of the Awakened Heart  or Mudra Space Awareness with Mitra Lee Worley or Tibetan
Foundation Curriculum
      BUD 502 Clear Thinking
      BUD 553 Debate I or BUD 554 Debate II
Optional Dinner
Social Gathering & Fundraising

* Note: The morning Shedra sessions are the main presentations while the afternoon sessions built on these by further discussions and explanations. We recommend joining the morning sessions if you are interested to exploring the Buddhist Studies classes.

Also, Studio Class 1 each day will be the time when fundamental information about materials and techniques will be shared with the whole class. Thus, if one is only attending one class a day, this would be the class to attend.

** Note: The afternoon Shedra sessions build on the morning presentations.