During Sessions 1 and 2


Daily during session 1, every other day during session 2


12:00pm–1:00 pm PDT
9:00pm–10:00pm CEST
3:00am–4:00am CST

This mini-course compliments the rigor of study with intuitive investigations of form and space and their relationship to the synchronization of body and mind. By opening and increasing our awareness we rebalance the body and relax the mind. The exercises are drawn from Mitra Lee’s long training in Mudra Space Awareness adapted to the current on-line medium. The Hevajratantra says, “Great wisdom abides in the body, but is not produced by the body.” Making friends with your body, your mind will come back.


Mitra Lee Worley


Classes for beginners taught by Jim and Birgit Scott
Classes for experienced students led by Karen de Luna

During Session 1: Separate classes for beginning and experienced students
During Session 2: Classes for experienced students, which includes beginners who attended Session 1.

5:15am–5:45am PDT
2:15pm–2:45pm CEST
8:15pm–8:45pm CST

Lüjong, or body training, is a series of fifteen physical exercises developed by the Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Khenpo Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche to help students enhance their health and synchronize their body and mind. They serve to increase energy and pliancy. The wakefulness developed by the exercises can bring a quality of meditation to ordinary activities throughout the day.