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Overall questions?

Email us in English, German, Chinese and Spanish at info@nitarthainstitute.org.

Prefer to call?

North America: Michael (+1) 720-310-0422

Europe: Brigitte (+49) 0176-47688384

Asia: Cecilia (+86) 136-01614387

Spanish: Elena (+52) 55-31-26-74-99

Registration questions?

Contact our friendly registrar Elena at eweiss@nitarthainstitute.org.

Questions regarding eligibility for Levels 2  or 3 at the Summer Institute?

Please email Michael at mfmiller@nitarthainstitute.org.

The 2020 Summer Institute
will be held online

US +1 720.310.0422
Europe +49 0176.476883.84
Asia +86 136.0161.4387
Latin America +52 55.31267499