We are delighted that Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl is returning to the Summer Institute this year to teach two amazing classes. You can attend either in person or online, so don’t miss out!

This year at Nitartha’s Summer Institute: Karl Brunnhölzl on Mahayana, Madhyamaka and Mahamudra!

Class 1: Mahāyānasūtrālamkāra: Ornament of the Great Vehicle Sutras

One of five famous texts by Maitreya (and the longest!), the Mahāyānasūtrālamkāra is a true encyclopedia of the Mahayana. It leads us through every aspect of the path of a bodhisattva in terms of the view, meditation, conduct, and fruition, primarily through the lens of the Yogacara point of view.

This is the third year of an in-depth exploration of this text at Nitartha Institute. Dr. Brunnhölzl will conclude this text by discussing chapters 14 to 21, which cover many facets of the Mahayana, including: practice, skillful means, the paramitas, means of attraction, the immeasurables, the meditations on all five paths, the qualities, and enlightened activity.

This course is open to all Summer Institute attendees. And if you cannot attend in person, you can take Mahāyānasūtrālamkāra as a live-streaming course, with recorded audio files (in Moodle, Nitartha’s online campus) that you can listen to at your convenience!

When? Session 1 (July 5–13, 2019) & Session 2 (July 15–23, 2019), live-streamed daily from 2:00-3:10pm PDT (+7 UTC/GMT) .

Class 2: Madhyamaka Philosophical Tradition: Not Even a Middle

A new approach to teaching – and learning – Madhyamaka! In this course, Karl Brunnhölzl’s teachings will include ways in which Madhyamaka is directly linked with Mahamudra Vipashyana (Summer Institute Level 2). This is a wonderful new way to genuinely combine study and practice! Karl will co-teach this with Dr. Stuart Horn.

This course is an overview of the final view of Buddhist philosophy—Madhyamaka, or the Middle Way tradition of Mahāyāna. This tradition propounds the view of śūnyatā, the emptiness of all phenomena, the transcendence of all views, freedom from elaborations.

What is new about this year’s Madhyamaka course?

  1. It is mainly based on Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s own take on Madhyamaka, as it is presented in the Nalandabodhi Study Path series, and supplemented by additional materials from two books: Center of the Sunlit Sky and The Heart Attack Sutra.
  2. The essential Madhyamika approach, which is to search for some kind of real existence or a middle and not find any, will be linked to the same approach in Mahamudra Vipashyana. This is designed to help us discover the experience itself of the spacious and relaxed openness that cannot be grasped or pinpointed.

This course corresponds to Summer Institute Level 2 (Mahamudra Vipashyana). It will also be offered as a live-streaming course, along with recorded audio files (in Moodle, Nitartha’s online campus) so that you can listen at your convenience. Online students who have already received Mahamudra Vipashyana teachings will particularly benefit from this class.

When? Session 1 (July 5–13, 2019) & Session 2 (July 15–23, 2019), live-streamed daily from  9:10-10:30am PDT (+7 UTC/GMT).

Don’t know Karl yet?

Dr. Karl Brunnhölzl was born in Munich, Germany, and originally trained as a physician before becoming a Buddhist translator and teacher. He is the author and translator of many  Buddhist books, including The Center of the Sunlit SkyA Lullaby to Awaken the Heart and The Heart Attack Sutra —  the latter one being one of the few shorter books that he has published.   🙂

Karl is especially enthusiastic about the teachings on Mahamudra, Dzogchen, Buddha Nature, and the doha (songs of realization) tradition, and he is known for the clarity of his presentations. When Karl teaches, not only does he speak from the scholarly point of view, but he often combines that with both practice and everyday life, thereby making the teachings accessible on every level.

If you never had a chance to attend Karl Brunnhölzl teachings, you are missing out on a genuine Western teacher with a great sense of humor!

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