Mudra Space Awareness

Mudra Space AwarenessMudra Space Awareness is a series of physical and vocal exercises derived from the Mahamudra and Maha Ati traditions of Tibetan Buddhism as presented in the West by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. They utilize the body to train for a meditative mind.

As a novice practitioner you discover how little awareness of body and space you have. With continuing practice integration of body, mind and speech develops. You may feel energized and wholesome or discover ancient fears and blockages which practicing these exercises can help you overcome. Many remark on gaining fearlessness in working with their world.

Mudra Space Awareness offers unique and very skill- and powerful methods, that use body and mind to discover the unobstructed and unlimited space in which all experience happens and all energies move freely, without judgement. For me it was the perfect match to the Shedra classes, that inspired me to apply and play with the theoretical understanding i received about how we experience and perceive our world.
– Phillip J., 2017 Nitartha Summer Institute Student

Mudra Space Awareness

With deeper practice, a clearer sense of when you have direct perception and when you don’t develops and increasing moments of direct perception arise. Meditation practice becomes settled and your heart opens to the group in surprising ways. Your sense of the interplay of form and space; your interconnectedness and compassion for beings expands. By re-membering your self you have a chance to come into being with less self-cherishing and fearful ego. Then the dance of illusion will beckon you to join in more completely.

Mudra Space Awareness will be offered in modules 1 and 2. These classes are open both to beginners and to returners who would like to deepen their practice.

In module 2 there will also be some in-depth evening sessions for students who have completed at least one MSA 9-day module.

The instructor Mitra Lee Worley was a founding faculty of Naropa Institute where she has taught Performance, Mudra Space Awareness, Buddhist Studies and Contemplative Education since 1976. A student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, she learned Mudra Space Awareness under his guidance.