Nitartha Summer Institute at a Glance July 6 – August 4, 2018

The Nitartha Summer Institute combines a systematic and in-depth study of the view of Buddhism as a science of mind with extensive training in meditation and upholds the importance of non-sectarianism and appreciation of the many forms of Buddhism – thus students of any background are welcome!
Bring your meditation experience to a deeper level through gaining insights in the different Buddhist philosophical systems. Furthermore, in 2018, a new cycle of Mahamudra teachings based on the Ocean of Definitive Meaning, a precious text on Mahamudra, will begin and is open to all!
The unique retreat environment creates a caring community and offers wonderful opportunities for discussion and connection between students of various traditions.

The Shedra program becomes extremely beneficial and supportive for our practice. The studies we do in the Shedra classes are not just for becoming a scholar or well versed in literature. They are all connected with our practice and they help us to demystify our mind and its world.  Everybody likes Mahamudra und Dzogchen, but the practice of Mahamudra und Dzogchen very much depends on the understanding that we develop through the Shedra classes.
– Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

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Detailed Course Catalog
Check out the full 2018 Nitartha Institute Course Catalog with detailed info on Nitartha’s Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced curriculum!

Financial Assitance
Nitartha Summer Institute does not turn students away due to financial reasons. There are work study opportunities available as well as payment plans and financial assistance. You can apply here.

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Dates 2018 Shedra and Gomdra

You can choose between a focus on studying Buddhism as a science of mind (Shedra) and a focus on teachings and practice of meditation (Gomdra).

The Shedra track is divided in 2 sessions. You can choose to attend one or two sessions:

Shedra Session 1 (14 days)
July 6 (Friday) – July 19 (Thursday)
Travel Day: July 20 (Friday)

Shedra Session 2 (14 days)
July 21 (Saturday) – August 3 (Friday)
Travel Day: August 4 (Saturday)

The Gomdra track is divided in 3 modules. You can choose to attend one, two or all three modules.

Gomdra Module 1 (9 days)
July 6 (Friday) – July 14 (Saturday)
Travel day: July 15 (Sunday)

Gomdra Module 2 (9 days)
July 16 (Monday) – July 24 (Tuesday)
Travel day: July 25 (Wednesday)

Gomdra Module 3 (9 days)
July 26 (Thursday) – Aug 3 (Friday)
Travel Day: August 4 (Saturday)